Monday, July 4, 2011

A Bellows Kind of Day

After laying in bed debating on the best way to spend our Saturday for entirely WAY TOO LONG...followed by a facebook status poll, we found ourselves over at Bellows AFB to spend some quality time in the sun. But alas, we got all of our things up and out on the beach just in time for the sun to hide away and the rain to come out. My heart sank then my stubborness burst forth as i sat in my beach chair and hid under my towel with just my eyes poking out so i could watch the babies play in the sand, not even noticing the cold and rain. Then...when all seemed lost, the sun came out to stay and it turned out to be a very beautiful day. Sometimes you just gotta weather the bad weather to get to the good weather, ya know?
big girl putting daddy's sunscreen on
happy boy
brother helps tooloves playing with daddy in the oceanhey mom!keeping daddy's chair warmmy boys they only stayed like this for a moment...they aren't really into sharing small spaces. guess 9 months was more than enough for them ;)
one of my most faves..just look at that sass in her walkwith my sweeties

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