Thursday, July 14, 2011


There's not much good to say about Wahiawa--but it is a very pretty place around sunset. It's a pretty high elevation compared to much of the island and surrounded by lots and lots of pineapple fields. One day on the way home from the North Shore, we stopped to see the famous "birthing stones" (which i did not actually get any pictures of) and see the sunset.
endless pineapple fields love this view
lime green grass. red dirt. pineapples. mountains. blue/pink sky. Ahhh.

monkeying around

Lovebirds. aka Amanda and Bobby
playing a little game of Throw the Baby

My Family
another game we like to call Empty Baby's Pockets
Just Us
hey wait for me!
hey guys, don't leave me out!

loves her momma and daddy
and we love her toowalking back to the car--i could watch the two of them do this all day long

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