Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Again

I need to do a little back blogging...lots of things happen this time of year and I can't keep up!  So here is the rest of our Thanksgiving--well the part that I have pictures of.  

It has been 6 years since we had spent Thanksgiving with family, but nothing much had changed (except of course for the addition of 3 little ones).  We had lunch at Moms and then did dinner with Dad's family and then the next night we had dinner at Mike's Dad's house.  That's a lot of Turkey! 

We only got pics as Mom's though.  The kids went down for nap that afternoon and woke up feeling pretty sick and then we were basically fighting the sickies for the next few days--that and we were too busy talking and seeing people to pull out the camera. But know we had a great time seeing everyone and it was good to be home and celebrate Thanksgiving with all the family.

Davis and Nana

Davis is ready for his first Thanksgiving meal!

Holden was SO EXCITED to see Uncle Alex.  Alex is the best playmate ever!
Some traditional family pics on the porch.  Holden bit his tongue just as we went out to take excuse his sad face. 
me and my girl
i just loved this one--it will surely make a frame somewhere in the house!
silly boys
Daddy and his two best buds
all the boys
and the girls
Great Poppy with his great grandbabies
my Littlest, so happy on his first Thanksgiving--and thanks for the sweet hat Nanny Katie!

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