Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas #3 with Pop Pop and Grandma

We got to Pop Pop and Grandma's house around noon--walked in the door and saw that Santa had come to visit their house too!

 Holden is loving Hot Wheels these days!
 checking out their bikes and helmets...

 Grandma found a picture Santa left...the kids had to find the toys
 they knew right where it would be
 open please!

  Of course we had to take them out right away.  It didn't take long to figure them out--Holden especially.  He's a pro at driving already!

That night we went to dinner at Gram Mary's house.  We ate a yummy Christmas meal and then opened a few more presents. 

We had a pretty great Christmas Day--and my sweeties were in great moods for most of it--
Even Little D was a happy boy most of the day considering all of his interrupted sleep!
Caudle/Burns Family Pic--barely fit on the couch these days!

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