Thursday, December 27, 2012

Santa Claus is Coming to Atown

Christmas morning started off with the beeping of the alarm clock--i wonder how many more Christmases it will be like that?  Mike and I rolled ourselves out of bed at 7 after a late night the night before, brushed our teeth and hair (gotta be picture ready you know) and went to wake up the rest of the house.  

we started with uncle alex...everyone like a good flash in the face first thing in the morning, yes?

then off to the kids room...
tired boy
 and a really tired girl
 but they woke up pretty quickly when they realized Santa had probably come to see them..

the walk of anticipation... 
 So Excited!
 checking everything out...yep, cookies, milk and salad were all gone and presents were left in their place--just like all the movies and books said it would be!
 Nora got a Cinderella dress and accessory set
 and Holden got an awesome RC car and tool set

Nora wanted to see in the mirror 
 stocking time 

 Davis woke up just in time for stockings...he used mommy's old stocking this year!  Nora was much more excited to see what he got than Davis!

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