Monday, December 17, 2012

Preschool Christmas Program

As a parent of young children, I am still enjoying the many "firsts" that happen in our lives.  The twins  preschool put on a small Christmas Program last week, and i went to see my two little ones for their first stage performance.  

I gotta be honest--it was a seriously hectic morning.  Mike was unable to be there to help get the kids ready, or be there during the performance because of a Jump scheduled for that same morning.  It's one thing getting the kids ready and out to school.  It's another thing to get your 2 three year-olds cute and "stage presentable", as well as get myself showered and presentable, get the stuffing prepared and halfway warmed to take for the holiday lunch afterwards, as well as work around my 2.5 month old baby's schedule, keeping him fed and happy so he won't be over-tired and grumpy in the middle of the performance AND get to school ON TIME.  

Yeah, well..i'm not saying all the above actually happened that way 

lets start with this little one.  
he's cute here...but he decided to make the biggest poop blowout exactly 1 minute before the program was supposed to start.  My friend Hillary--whose son is also in the twins class--went to change his diaper and clothes while i manned the cameras. Thankfully, the program started late and she got back before it started.  Then a few minutes later Davis decided to get all grumpy and loud right when the kids were walking in the door and all the parents were trying to video-tape their children.  Again, since i was manning the cameras, Hillary took Davis to the back to bounce and walk him and get him quiet--which of course made me feel awful since her son was also in the program and she had to deal with my tired baby instead of sitting and watching.  Good thing she loves us.  :)

-On to the twins-
Upon walking in the sanctuary, Nora immediately ventured from the group--first to go towards Hillary who she spotted right away, and then to sit in the chairs in the audience.  Mrs. Amy got her back in line and somehow got the rest of her wondering 2/3 yr olds all up on stage.  Holden, as I expected had quite a worried look on his face and hung close to Amy's leg the whole way up to the stage.  When all the other kids had sat down he was still standing there like a lost puppy.  Mrs. Amy had to pick him up and place him on stage. He was placed facing backwards instead of to the side like the other kids, and in true Holden fashion...he stayed where he was put.  YEP, he faced the back the entire time, so all we could see was the back of his head.  I literally couldn't stop laughing about it. 

That's Nora in the pink, holding Mrs. Amy's hand 
 And that's Holden in the green to the left walking close to Mrs. Amy.  Holden had a Pajama twin that day, two little boys with blond hair and dressed alike--very tricky!

-Kids on the stage-
Nora in the front center and Holden off to the right facing the wrong way ;)
-side note: the whole program was a bit chaotic.  it seemed most kids knew what they were doing--just lots of little bodies milling around and somewhat singing. It was pretty funny.

-Norabird, happy when she saw me-

The kids were listening to the Christmas story and then throughout the story they would periodically stand up and sing a song.  When standing up, Holden would still face the wrong way--Nora on the other hand, refused to stand up--I told you she could be stubborn!

 Jack did pretty well for the first 2 songs, but then he kinda fell apart.  After the second song, all the other kids sat down and he didn't.  He saw Hillary and then started to cry (his famous fake cry) and pull his shirt up while calling for "Mommy".  Mrs Amy couldn't get him to stop, and it continued to happen for about a minute--Hillary was busy holding Davis, so i went up--walking in front of all the video cameras of course-- to get Jack off stage and take him to Hill.  Later when we asked him what was wrong, he told us in complete Jack fashion that he "didn't like that song".  Of course. haha
-jack calling for Hillary-
 Hill and Davis in the back row. 

When it was all over (and i was honestly glad it was over) Nora ran right up to me and told me "i did it mommy!"  i chuckled and asked her "exactly what did you do?" because she definitely did NOT stand up and sing... and she told me "i clapped!" (yeah, along with the audience at the end)...Good job Norabird...Mommy is so proud..haha
 instead of Holden coming off stage to me, he went to sleep in his teacher's lap.  you could tell he was totally uncomfortable with the whole program. 

 -our three stars-
that was Holden's face basically the whole morning.  He kept telling Hillary and I that he didn't like it and didn't want to sing, even after everything had been over. 
 my funny kiddos
 Hill and Jack
it was a crazy morning--i was pooped by the time the program was over and we still had the christmas lunch to do--two tired mommies, 3 crazy 3 year-olds and a grumpy baby...standing in line waiting our turn, carrying a bunch of plates while rounding up kids, trying to get them to eat stuffing and turkey at a table surrounded by lots of other parents and, no thanks.  we ducked out the back door, went to chickfila, ate nuggets and set them loose in the play area.  a much better plan!
next year--i need back-up.  but none-the-less it was a memorable morning and one to laugh about now. 

here's some video if you want to check out the songs: 


Richard, Sarah and Lily said...

I'm glad to know that all preshool programs seem to go about the same! Lily bawled walking in and halfway through her first song - hair a mess and sitting in her teacher's lap. Thankfully, ours was in the afternoon, so none of the morning rush arounds (and only having one kid - would not been nearly so hectic as your morning!). Too funny, love it.

Kimberly and Jordan said...

Oh my..haha! That is hilarious. I would have ducked out too for some Chick-Fil-A!