Saturday, December 8, 2012

3 Year Updates

I did a little update not that long ago, but these two are 3 YEARS OLD now, and that definitely deserves another one, yes?  I'm glad you agree. 

~Holden Reece Burns at 3~
-he's silly--this kid does the funniest things.  He makes faces that are ridiculous...some i've seen (from my own childhood pics) and other that i have no idea where they came from.  He does funny moves/poses especially when others are watching him and he LOVES to laugh. 
-he's sensitive--it doesn't take much to hurt his feelings, and he still has many days where he cries very easily.  now that he's getting older he also has started to notice when he can't do things correctly and that makes him sad.  Holden really needs some extra attention when he gets in these moods.  Holden is also just as sensitive to other's moods and they can affect his own dramatically.  If i'm having a sad or off day, he is sure to have one too.  I can do my best to mask it, but he always knows and it concerns him. 
-he's smart--he's got a great memory, and he's a whiz at puzzles. he's very visual and can figure things out by just watching us do something once or twice.  
-he's sweet--he's got the sweetest smile on the planet, it comes straight from his daddy.  he gives the best hugs ever and i will never get enough of him wrapping his arms around my neck and saying "i Yove you too, mommy"--even when he's the first to say it. 
-he's curious--he's a watcher, he notices everything, and he's always trying to figure things out and understand how they work.  
-he's trying--holden is the kid who has to be told multiple times, and takes a few (at least) punishments to understand his bounderies.  He will also push the boundary just to see exactly how far he can go.  sometimes i feel like i am on a constant "repeat" with him.
-he's a fabulous eater--there's not much this kid won't eat and i am so thankful for that! 
-he's timid--he doesn't jump right in and do new trampolines, and bouncy houses, big slides, and swings.  he also doesn't like to be left in new places and can still cry if he doesn't know where he is.  Nora is our biggest help with this--she can comfort him best sometimes. 
-he's resistent to change--holden doesn't handle change well..we try to be sensitive to this, but it's hard.  when going home, he doesn't handle bouncing from one place to the next well..he also doesn't do well when plans change and we do something other than what we have said.  
-he's a ball of energy--maybe not in the way some other little boys can be--i wouldn't say he bounces off walls and goes crazy...but that may be because we simply don't let him act that way.  We have rules about running in the house and jumping on furniture and that's just the way it is, but still--he's like an energizer bunny.  He rarely gets tired--he only naps because we make him.  He is constantly moving, drumming his hands, kicking his feet, bouncing in his seat.  At night it takes FOREVER for him to settle and fall asleep--like literally a couple hours.  Let's not even discuss what sugar does to the kid. 
-he's a loner--i feel like that sounds bad, but i don't mean it that way.  It's just in comparison to Nora, he's SO NOT SOCIAL.  although he plays well with Nora, he doesn't really play with other kids--or care to.  He always prefers to be with adults.  In big group settings you will never find him playing with others, he'll either be in some "uncle's" lap, with me or mike, or sitting alone playing with a toy.  I used to think maybe he just enjoyed the alone time since at home Nora is ALWAYS with him, but now i think it may just be a part of who he is right now. 
-he's a "guy's guy"--this little boy has always LOVED men.  he gets SO EXCITED when his daddy, uncles and grandpa's are around.  He hangs all over them and can't get enough.  It's the sweetest thing.  I'm pretty sure all the men in his life feel the same about him too.  How could you not love having a little one look up to you with such love and excitement?  

 ~Nora Grayce Burns at 3~
-she's social-- she talks non stop, loves to play with other kids--especially Holden, and loves to be in the center of the attention
-she says really funny things--as most kids do at this age, i know.  i just love listening to her configure sentences and not quite get it right...try out phrases adults around her use...and explain things through her way of thinking.  and yes i have examples, but i'll save them for another post ;)
-she's still a rule follower...most of the time--she really does try to do the right thing, but she's a kid and her kid-like ways get the best of her from time to time.  She also likes to make sure all those around her are also doing the "right" thing as well...which brings me to my next point
-she's a bit bossy--the first born and a girl...i guess she had it coming.  but she tries to take charge whenever and wherever she can--all we can say is "poor holden". 
-she sings A LOT--she loves songs and loves to sing and sings throughout the day--and that's cool.  its the other singing...ya know, the kind where she sings ALL of her thoughts OUTLOUD to herself while dancing around for HOURS at a time...that can be a bit much, when we aren't laughing about it of course.
-she's a drama queen--no owie is ever to small...nor is a bite of food she doesn't want not the end of her world. when she knows she's disobeyed the punishment is hardly bearable and turn off the lights at night...just get ready for it.  
-she's timid--nora still does things in her own time.  she doesn't like jump right in and try new things. trampolines, swings, jump houses, slides, heights and climbing, swimming, takes time for her to get used to it..and we've learned just to let that go. 
-she's a picky eater--i've treated her no different than Holden, i now believe that picky eaters can be born, not bred.  i don't know what else to say other than it's a work in progress.
-she's tender-hearted--we've caught nora on a few different occasions now quietly shedding tears at a sad or tender part of a movie.  it kinda breaks my heart to look over and see the tear falling down her face while she is so engrossed she has no idea it's even happening...but then i also kinda love it, cause it's a reflection of her big sweet heart.
-she's a GIRLY girl--nora loves all things pink and purple and princess...the 3 P's if you will. Dress up, nail painting, fixing her hair, getting to play with mommy's make-up brushes, shopping, dolls, barbies, jewelry, dancing...that is her world.  I love this about her.  
-she's silly--this girl loves to giggle.  i can only imagine what the pre-teen years will bring. 
-she's loving and motherly--she tries to take care of people whenever she can--she loves on Holden and even me when she notices we are sad.  she also loves her dolls and takes care of them the best she can.  She can sit and feed and rock her little babies all morning sometimes.  
-she's stubborn--it's true.  she gets it from her daddy ;)
-she's helpful--she's a fabulous cleaner, she loves to help cook, she tries to fold laundry, she'll go get whatever i need, she helps take care of her baby brother and is willing to help Holden whenever he's having trouble.

-Loveable:  Both of them.  
i can't even remember what was important to me or what i even did before these two were born.  it's been an amazing 3 years. they fill my life with joy. i'm so proud of them and so thankful to have them in my life. 

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