Monday, December 24, 2012

Burns Team Christmas Traditions

It's getting that time where we are beginning to start our own traditions as a family--and although this year, we are still going back to Atown for Christmas, we wanted to try and start a new tradition just the five of us in our own home.  

Christmas Eve Eve--the last night in our house before Christmas, we made snowman pizza and watched the Polar Express together.  It was a fun time and the kids were super excited to watch TV and eat at the same time! Holden kept looking back and Mike and I like "is this really okay?"  it was cute.  

Snowman Pizza--we tried to make it as white as possible, so ranch dressing for sauce and lotsa cheese! we did hide pepperoni's under the cheese, for a little substance in the pizza.  

 sausage for buttons, eyes and mouth, a carrot for the nose (of course), pepperoni's for a scarf and Holden really thought it should have arms, after rummaging the refrigerator we came up with green onion stalks...pretty cute yes?
 After Cooking...Look how excited they were!
 Our Snowman Pizza
 eating dinner in front of the TV
 and here's out tree this year...with the presents...right before we hauled them all out to the truck to go home.  

Merry Christmas from Fayetteville!

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