Friday, December 21, 2012

Three Months Old

~Davison Luke Burns~
We finally made it to his well-baby checkup.  Between all the holidays, birthdays and sickies we were officially a month and a half late--therefore we will be officially be off schedule for the remainder of his appointments to satisfy the immunization requirements.  SO...

at THREE MONTHS my sweet little boy weighs 14.3 lbs and is 24 1/2 inches long. That is 41% in weight and 52% in length.

He's a fabulous eater--quick and efficient.  15 min tops, sometimes just 5--i thought something was wrong.  Apparently, he's just fast and i gotta say that's a nice change from the twins 45 min marathon feedings. He also took a bottle this month...that's good news.  Maybe we'll go out sometime and leave him at home--but then again, maybe i won't.  I'm kind of attached to the little man.

He is a great sleeper--still sleeping at least 7 hrs straight with lots of 8-11 hr nights thrown in.  Can't complain there! 

He LOVES his little family.  He absolutely recognizes all of us.  He loves to laugh at his Daddy and siblings.  Sometimes when he's in strangers arms, he gets upset.

His smile is still the best thing going on.  He gives it more freely these days--even winning over people who are just walking by.  He coos now and grunts and gurgles, blows bubbles and spits and my new favorite giggles.  It's rare and pretty hard to get--but he'll do it.  Daddy is the best at getting a giggle. It makes me pretty jealous :)

Davis has started teething!  he's drooling like a dog and pretty fussy about it.  I can't believe it's already started, but he seems to be a little ahead of the game in most things, so i guess this should be no different.  I will miss his toothless grin--hopefully we still have a little while!

Davis Likes:
laying on his back
looking at lights
diaper changes

Davis Dislikes: 
tummy time
car rides/car seat
being alone

*here are a few shots from his first, well, shots...yep i snapped a shot and then went right back to comforting :)
the appointment was long...he was very very tired
"wait, you are gonna do WHAT to me?"
looking worried
 he thought he liked the nurse

but he was wrong  (this pictures reminds me A LOT of Holden getting shots and the bottom of this post)
 He was actually quite brave and only cried for a few seconds after the first and fourth shot.  The 2nd and 3rd he hardly made a sound...i was very impressed.  My sweet sweet boy.

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