Friday, December 7, 2012

AHS Class of 2002 10 Year Reunion

While home for Thanksgiving I also attended my 10 year high school reunion.  Whew!  Although I don't think i should be old enough to go to a 10 year reunion, high school does feel like forever ago.  It was good to see some people.  It wasn't a huge affair, just about 40 class members or so getting together for dinner and the after we walked over to the Flying Pig- (the cool Atown hangout) for the after party...haha.  We hung out talking and catching up until my mom called me to tell me Little Davis was refusing his bottle-BAM, back to real life and mommyhood...totally not in high school anymore.  AND...that's just fine with me, as great as it was to catch up with old friends, it was equally great to come home to a sweet little face waiting for me.  

I totally forgot to take pics-- so i stole a few that were posted on FB. 

with Dee (also my college roomie) and Camille (who apparently also lives in Fville..small world)
Bekah, Heather and Chris 
(all of whom i see regularly anyway, but i love them, so here they are ;)
Me and Sarah... 
she also has a blog linked on the left, The Gabriel Family, if you wanna check out her cute family

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