Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Day The Twins Turned Three

The night before Mike and I commenced Operation Birthday Surprise 2.  We did this last year and it was a hit, so we did it again.  Good thing the kiddos sleep so well!

Here they are in their room full of balloons--and Boy were they excited!
 after getting dressed, we went right downstair to open presents and eat breakfast before Daddy had to go to work. The first thing they noticed was the table we got them to go with their kitchen and just to have somewhere to sit and play besides on the floor.  
 Their birthday tree and all their presents :)

 Birthday Hats from school doubled as Birthday Tree toppers.  

Present Time!
 My Little Pony
 Transformers--Optimus Prime, of course. 

 Cinderella Barbie

 so excited about his new car track
 a new night night book, recorded by Mommy, Daddy and Davis. 
the rest of the day was spent playing and taking it easy.  when daddy came home we had a pizza dinner and cupcakes (leftover from their school party) for dessert.   As you can see, cupcakes make for very happy kiddos. 
then it was bedtime...had to get plenty of rest for their big PARTY DAY the next morning!

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