Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

We finally got around to decorating the tree...it was up and undecorated for about 2 weeks.  

but before we got started, Mike made sure to rile the kiddos up so they'd drive me crazy while handling all my precious ornaments ;)
 showing them how to hang the ornaments
 hanging the Hawaiian monkeys from Auntie Jenn
 my sweet boy

 they get a new ornament every year...this year Holden picked out a motorcycle
 and nora picked out a ballerina
 Handprints...these were from when they were 1 yr old. Nana makes us a new one each year.  One day i may have to have a tree just dedicated to handprints!

 Daddy and Davis watched us decorate, Davis even got to chew on an ornament for a while.  
 This ornament was one of my faves as a kid. 

Decorating a tree with little ones is quite the experience. The kids of course wanted to put all the ornaments on the same branches and they were all on the very bottom.  I tried to leave as many as i could where they placed them, but had to move some just so they wouldn't fall off.  We definitely don't have a "magazine worthy" tree, but i love it all the same. 

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Ada said...

Our tree is he same way!! Definitely not magazine worthy - but perfect anyways.