Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Very COOL Third Birthday!

We had the twins birthday party this past weekend.  Lots of family were able to come, as well as some old and new friends.  The twins had been talking about their party for days and were very very excited about it.  

The Sweatlands were nice enough to take the twins the morning of the party so that we could decorate.    The party was a winter theme...being that is was on Dec 1st and I was able to incorporate both girl/boy colors, it was an appropriate and fun theme. 


Arriving to their party... very excited already

Party Kids
Jack's birthday is the day before the twins.. they're "almost triplets"
 Poppy and Holden
 Uncle Jake eating at the kids table
 after lunch the kids went outside to play on the swingset and jumper..the weather was fantastic and it was surprisingly warm.  
 Holden walking with Grandpa...a cute pic, especially with the party hat!
 Neighbor friends ...
 and DJ
 Our cakes were made by Grandma Anne.  She's pretty fabulous at making cakes...we had an igloo cake for the kids and then a snowflake cake for the adults
 look how cute!
The Before:  they love it!
The During: Master Candle Blowers 
The After:  Grabbing the Candle right after it was blown out..bad idea!  
 yeah, she cried about this for a while, and the whole scene is played out a few different videos.  Nora has a habit of wanting to grab the candle right away and put it in her mouth.  we've scolded her many times for it, but this time she may have learned her lesson with a real burn to her hand...better her hand than her mouth though, yes?

Davis watching the birthday ceremonies...taking notes!
 Jack really enjoyed the ice cream cone trees!
 before opening presents

 Grandma and Davis
 Nora in her new Birthday Princess gear
 Our neighbors have 2 kids, Charis and Bryce.  Charis is almost exactly a year younger than the twins and Bryce is 4 days younger than Davis.   
Look how cute these baby boys are!

Birthday Friends 
The kids had a great time and played their hearts out...they were exhausted that night but were so sweet and repeatedly told us "thank you for my party".  Just love my little 3 Year Olds!

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Kimberly and Jordan said...

Love it. Wish we could have been there.