Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE 2012

On the last night of 2012, we spent it in our home with one of our favorite families eating good food, laughing at our big kiddos and snuggling my little one, playing a few games and watching a little TV--soaking in America and all it's pop culture.  Some year I still hope to make it to Times Square, and maybe there will be another cool concert to attend on NYE like the Avett Bros concert we didn't get to go to this year.  But still--for this time in our life, it was a good night--a REAL GOOD night.  And after a big year with a lot of change for my little family--simple is good and even hard to find.  So we'll take it when we can get it, and cherish every moment.

 The Sweatland Team
 I love this picture.  New Years Twin Hug at its best. 

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