Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Little This and That

Just caught him peeking through his hoodie while running errands.  Couldn't resist the cuteness.  
speaking of cute...there isn't much cuter than a little girl playing dolls
butterfly hands...again
Certificates sent home from preschool for the twins birthday
and their cute crowns...they were very proud
Over Thanksgiving the Twins finally showed interest in Legos.  It was like Mike's dream finally came true. 
The Creation
Just riding a horse
Tummy Time...and FYI, he hates it...runs in the family apparently
sweetest smile around
"What are you doing to me?"
Just being happy
Nora and her babies and pretties...just love her
more buddies
Super Mommy?
Pop Pop's Super Hero and Princess
Sleepy Baby
just cuddling
"You're so funny, Mommy"
Sicky Baby
Babies and Dump Trucks...
Nora's first princess dress...complete with a hoop and everything.  She picked it out herself with her birthday money.  She is so proud of it!
Holden at 6 weeks in the photo...Davis at 8 weeks...definitely brothers, yes?
 On the way to see Santa
 Morning Cuddles 

 Ice Cream Date

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