Thursday, December 13, 2012

Crafty Christmas

So we made some ornaments last weekend-- thanks to Pinterest for yet another idea.  If there are any moms out there searching for things to do with their kiddos, this craft was perfect for 2-3 yr olds.  These ornaments aren't gonna make it for years and years (actually i'll probably throw them away when the tree goes down) but they look good now and the kids had a good time making them. 

the supplies: 
qtips, glue, epsom salt, styrofoam balls, scissors, some table protection and a few tiny hands
 dipping the qtips in glue and salt to make snow..

 crafting is fun!

 the finished product.. i did the assembly.  it was a little tricky to get the qtips to stay in the styrofoam...maybe bigger balls would be helpful if you want the kids to participate in that step. 
proud of their ornaments (and yes i let them dress themselves that day)

 and while we are talking about ornaments...
their first ever ornaments made at school--now on my tree.  i love that my tree is starting to fill up with kids ornaments.  A tree of memories and sweet crafts is better than a "Martha Stewart tree" anyday! 

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