Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we woke up and piled in the car to head to Atown.  In no hurry, we stopped for some breakfast biscuits, took the scenic route and stopped at Southern Supreme to get Big Poppy a Christmas Fruit Cake.  What I didn't know was that we shoulda bought a few extras because apparently they are all the rage.  It's probably breaking some southern law...but i'm not really a fan of fruit cake...and just to get it out there, that also goes for grits, collards and tomato sandwiches.  Yeah.  You heard me. 

We got to Nana and Poppy's house that morning and spent the rest of the day hanging out and gearing up for Christmas Day.  

Nana bought the kids a cute reindeer cupcake

 Alex came over to least that is what Holden and Nora think.  They LOVE Uncle Alex and think he's their own personal playmate.  Alex is great with them!
 Big Poppy also come over for dinner.  
 playing the fishing game
 wearing Hawaiian Christmas shirts...Leinekia (reindeer) and La'au Kalikimaka (Christmas Tree)
Davis had one on too...we just didn't get a picture of it
 Camera was on the b/w setting...not sure why 
Aunt Diane finally made it in just in time for Christmas after a battle with the airlines.  We were so very glad she made it, even if she was 5 days late. 
hanging out by the fireplace
waiting for Santa
 I made cookies during nap time so we could leave them out for Santa.  The kiddos were pretty stoked about it.  The next set of pics are some of my faves--Holden's excitement is so apparent. 

 Cookies and Milk for Santa and Salad for the Reindeer
 Mike's family had the tradition of opening a present on Christmas Eve... so we did that right before bed.  
 such sweet faces of pure happiness

 princess slippers and pjs
 a book for Holden
 Davis' present--he looks thrilled, yes?
my babies
 our fam
  Davis hanging out with Aunt Diane and Uncle Alex
getting in a little cuddles with my love before bed

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